The Native Garden Ecosystem #3

More invertebrate life from the garden.

Native bees are visiting two of their favourite plants, the Bulbine and Vanilla Lilies to collect pollen to provision their breeding burrows.

The Blue-banded Bee is a buzz pollinator that often pauses for just a split second, this was a lucky shot that froze that split second on the Derwent Speedwell.

Golden Drone Flies are handsome insects that appear in the garden at this time of year.

As do the Black-faced Perchers, Diplacodes melanopsis.



The Golden Green Stag Beetle, Lamprima aurata is always a delight to see, two were found a few days apart, the second taking advantage of the cool tiles on a 38 degree day.

Robber Flies are showing up. This was a very large impressive species, for comparison, the brick joint is 12 mm.

Mantis egg cases are found occasionally in the garden shrubs. The smaller green species are common insects, less so this large species found enjoying a butterfly meal in the pink-flowered Callistemon sieberi.

Down on the ground the sand wasps are busy excavating nest tunnels, this one was just beginning.

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