Invert Allsorts #2.

The blue Derwent Speedwell is also popular with a range of insects.

A sand wasp, Bembix species.

The small flowers must have a little nectar for a hungry wasp.

Three more shots of mating flower wasps, the wingless female looks to be gravid.

A hairy Banded Beefly.

A teneral or recently emerged Southern Vicetail female, Hemigomphus gouldii.

A mature female of the same species for comparison.

A female Crane Fly with its impossible legs.

Invert Allsorts.

Photographs taken here and there as the opportunity has arisen.

An Ichneumon Wasp.

A Robber Fly, click following images to enlarge.

An Assassin Bug.

This individual checked out the Melyrid beetle thoroughly but decided no….

Brightly coloured and probably toxic.

Mating Lycid beetles on the Leptospermum Rhiannon, showy and an insect magnet.

A pollinating Potter Wasp on the white Digger’s Speedwell.

More to come.