Little Ravens.

Little Ravens have called the garden home for many years, nesting in an Ironbark and Yellow Gum, and successfully raising two youngsters every year. They keep a close watch on the compost bin and feeding table for anything edible, and it is surprising what they find acceptable, fruit and vegetables go down the hatch as well as meat scraps. Orange halves that have been squeezed for juice will be collected, lodged in the hollow top of a post, and every vestige of flesh cleaned out. One season the two juveniles took a liking to developing zucchinis, with the result that the plants had to be netted. One could reasonably expect that after so many years of living cheek by jowl the ravens would become at least a little bit approachable, but no, they are as wary as ever. Satin Bowerbirds have been numerous of late, and a few grapes were put on the feeding table for them in the hope of getting photos. No chance, the two Ravens were straight down to polish them off,  so in another attempt some slices of banana were put out. The following pictures tell the story.

Hello, what has he put out now….?

Hmmm, slices of banana, don’t know that I fancy those….

No, think I’ll give them a miss….

Then again, perhaps we’d better take one so he won’t be disappointed.

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