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Monthly Archive for December, 2017

The Bounteous Baeckea.

When the Baeckea virgata (Sannantha pluriflora) flowers at Christmas time it is a magnet for insects seeking nectar. Before the big frost the flowers of our Leptospermum petersonii used to attract the yellow flower wasps, it is now sadly gone, but the baeckea has filled the breach. Females are wingless, but when coupled the males […]

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Christmas Roundup

Some shots from here and there, starting with a few more from home, this Aeshna brevistyla found the brick wall inside the verandah a good spot to perch for the night. One of the many jumping spiders that roam the walls, the attractive Hypoblemum villosum. This spider wasp spent quite some time towing this paralysed […]

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