Things With Wings #2.

Starting with Odonata, the Slender Ringtails, Austrolestes analis, are still about,



As are the Black-faced Perchers, Diplacodes melanopsis.

A Blue Skimmer, Orthetrum caledonicum.

The Sand Wasps, Bembix species have made their appearance in numbers, and are getting down to the work of excavating their breeding burrows. In the last image you can see the cloud of spoil being tossed out of the way.

A pair of hoverflies, Simosyrphus grandicornis mating on the wing.

This season there have been unusual numbers of Yellow-banded Dart butterflies, Ocybadistes walkeri throughout the garden. Here is one pictured nectaring on the Westringea fruticosa, a shrub that has been very popular with a range of insects.

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Two Of Interest.

Walking past an old treated pine post and spotted several Cuckoo Wasps investigating cavities, interesting because they have been seen at the same post in previous years. What spectacular insects they are, Primeuchroeus species.

Another chance discovery on the trunk of an Angophora costata, a newly moulted adult Flat-headed Leaf Hopper, Stenocotis species.

Some shots of its moulted larval skin found nearby.