A New Record.

The most numerous insects encountered in a walk through the riverside reserve were wasps, ichneumonids and spider hunters. This species was quite common along the track.

This small species was visiting persicaria flowers by the river, stopping only briefly at each one making it hard to get focus and photograph. Luckily it did eventually pause for a second or two giving time for two quick snaps.

This small spider hunter was investigating every crevice in the bark of a red gum,

But this big huntsman would have been too much of a good thing.

While at the persicaria a single damselfly was noticed and photographed. Twenty species of Odonata had been recorded for the reserve during years of observations, and this brought the total to twenty one, a female Powdered Wiretail, Rhadinosticta simplex. This species inhabits streams and rivers, and is another surprise to see after the sustained high flows the river has experienced during the recent past.

Garden Variety.

Snaps from a wander around the garden as autumn gets well under way, two species of Boatman Fly, family Platystomatidae.

Pognortalis doclea.

Genus Rivellia, while photographing an empty spider egg case this very attractive boatman fly landed on the twig and posed nicely.

Two spiders, Clynotis severus,

And to be positively identified, the Brown House Spider, Badumna longinqua.

A Honeybrown Beetle, Ecnolagria grandis.

A Robberfly still on the wing, Genus Cerdistus.

And likewise, a Tachinid fly.