In to the light #2.

Another batch of assorted insects that came to the moth light in the box/ironbark bush, starting with a bulldog ant, one of the many that roam the illuminated area in search of sustenance.

Ant Spiders, (Zodariidae) live with ants, mimicking their behaviour.
They often wander across the ground sheet, this was a very attractive possible Habronestes species displaying its massive palps.

Many interesting flies are attracted to the light.

Lacewings too are frequent visitors.

As are many wasp species.

And beetles…

Unknown creatures,

And occasionally a giant Katydid.

The wonderful world of invertebrates.

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Texture, Colour, and Creatures #3

Sugar Ants are moving up and down constantly, gathering nectar from the flowers and honey dew from hoppers up in the canopy.

A lot come to grief, and can be seen snared in spider webs. This one has been harvested by an ant in the Rhytidoponera genus.

In the process of gathering these pictures a hitherto unnoticed ant species was discovered.
This ant is 10-12 mm long.

And to conclude this series on tree trunk dwellers, an unidentified larva and a Clerid beetle.

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