More Odds and Ends.

Halfway through summer and the the worrying lack of invertebrate life continues, where once a walk around the garden trees provided a wealth of subjects for the camera, now it is is often put away without a new image on the card. Species that used to be numerous, eg. dragon and damselflies, jumping spiders, wasps, butterflies, native bees, etc. etc. are all largely missing for reasons unknown, spraying with insecticides in this sem-rural area at least can be ruled out, the decline must be more deep seated. A few isolated individuals have been spotted and photographed to keep the ball rolling.

Genus Holoplatys, displaying very effective camouflage.

Moth larva, species unknown.

A longicorn beetle, Coptocercus biguttatus.

Mating flower wasps, Subfamily Thinninae, winged male, wingless female.

A female probably of the same variety spotted walking across the concrete.

And another wasp, genus Callibracon.