Late Spring.

A range of issues including the continuing cool damp weather have made subjects for nature photography hard to come by, however here are a few taken over the last couple of months. Firstly our old friend the Two-tailed Spider, Tamopsis species, these camouflage masters can be found on the tree trunks pretty much throughout the year. The first is blending in well, while the second had moved from its lair where it was lurking on a dark spot on the bark.

For some reason correas seem to be a reliable place to find juvenile Ellipsidion cockroaches.

Flying insects are still very scarce, but there are a few  hoverflies about and pollinating.

On rare sunny days garden skinks come out to warm themselves on the tiles.

A couple of moth larvae, Urocoma baliolalis, the Browntail Gum Moth.

And the Australian Bag Moth, Cebysa leucotelus, click to see the beautiful adult.