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Monthly Archive for January, 2018

The Native Garden Ecosystem #8

Mid summer and the White Brittle Gums have shed their bark and are looking fresh and bright. The glaucous-leaved pink-flowered E. tricarpa from our foothills is heavy in bud, just starting to flower and giving the Rainbow Lorikeets a feast. The Tau Emerald, Hemicordulia tau differs from the Australian Emerald in having bronze pterostigma and […]

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The Native Garden Ecosystem #7

Blue Skimmers, Orthetrum caledonicum are the numerous dragonfly to be seen in the garden now, with something of a puzzle connected with them. With the exception of one male, all have only faint traces of the pruinescent blue colour. At water bodies where they breed blue males are common, perhaps when they are in dry […]

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