A Native Bee.

First noticed feeding on nectar in the Grevillea Burgundy, very active, flitting about and burrowing in to the nectary, quite hard to catch with the camera. The bee is Lipotriches (Austronomia) australica, it is the pollinator of the Purple Diuris, Diuris punctata, an orchid that is conserved and abundant at the cemetery grassland just a kilometre away.

It was then noticed working on the Bulbine Lilies where it was easier to snap.

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Id, thanks Mitch.


Maratus plumosus.

A wander in the box/ironbark bush looking for orchids was disappointing with little found, so the emphasis changed to seeking jumping spiders. The Blue-thighed Peacock Spider, Maratus plumosus  frequents the dry litter beside a rough track, and although it was still a little early for them, two males and a female were discovered.



The second male was tiny, barely 3 mm long.

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