Spiders and Wasps.

First, this little huntsman spider is very wary and fast, quick to hide under the ledge in the raked brick joint when it sees the camera approaching.

Isopedella victorialis.

Tickled out into full view with a piece of grass.

Also hanging out in a brick joint, a tiny Hypoblemum villosum.

Also tiny, a probable Menemerus bivittatus. This species likes to inhabit sunny walls.

And on a Red Gum, a small crab spider snapped on the move, Tharpyna decorata.

There are still quite a lot of wasps about, here are the latest snaps.

And a mating pair.

Some images will enlarge.

Odd Shots.

With the weather cooling, camera subjects are getting harder to find. These are a few not previously published, starting with a garden orb-weaver that by coincidence had its web beside the moth sheet and light.

One of its victims, an adult ant lion lacewing that came in to the light.

Another small silky spider, unidentified, on the Omeo Gum.

A lacewing species prevalent at the moment, Stenosmylus stenopterus.

There have still been a few wasps about, two Ichneumons,

And a Hatchet Wasp from a while ago.

Some images will enlarge.