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Monthly Archive for March, 2018

Celebrating Correas #2.

It is just under twelve months since the previous Correa post, and since then there have been some new seedlings come into flower. The three oldest plants in the garden are red and green Correa glabra,  and a rough-leaf form of Correa reflexa from the Mottle Range. Correa decumbens and Correa Dusky Bells were also […]

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A Random Collection.

Photographs of a variety of creatures from the garden and the moth light. First, a Leaf Hopper, or Lantern Fly, Rentinus dilatatus (Hemiptera, Fulgoridae) these come to the moth light occasionally. After wandering around on the ground sheet, this friendly individual thought denim was a better material to perch on. Early autumn sees large numbers […]

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