Lizards Plus.

Garden Sun Skinks are only too happy to live in close proximity to humans, taking advantage of all sorts of man made habitat. Living out of town, the wood heap is very popular, but it was something of a surprise to find two that had moved into a few blocks of firewood waiting in the carport for a cool night’s fire. They were very much at home and totally ignored the camera and flash intruding on their domain.

There are a few more garden orb weavers to be seen this season compared to last, this female used a dead leaf on the Omeo Gum, E. neglecta for her daytime retreat.

A closer view.

Euryopis superba is an attractive small spider that preys on ants, it is often found on the smooth-barked garden trees. It is from the same general family as the Redback.

This jumping spider, Servaea incana is well camouflaged on the redgum bark.

Longicorn beetles come in all sizes and colours, this nice brown one remained perched on an ironbark for most of the day.

Robberflies in common with many insects are not as numerous this season, this individual flew in with its grasshopper prey and landed on a verandah post.

Down by the river the normally abundant Common Flatwing, Austroargiolestes icteromelas is very hard to find, but strangely, the Orange Threadtail, Nososticta solida that is usually quite sparse,  is much more common this season.

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