Return of the Birds.

All summer the garden has been bereft of smaller native birds, but suddenly things have changed. A sizable flock of New Holland Honeyeaters has descended on the grevilleas,with an Eastern Spinebill also making an appearance. A flock of eight Superb Fairy-wrens works through the lower shrubbery several times a day, while Brown and Yellow Thornbills have been fossicking through the higher foliage. Yellow-rumped Thornbills are also back in numbers, getting their sustenance from the dry open grassy areas. It’s good to get have them back.

Also good to see, a pleasing number of Latham’s Snipe in the local Macalister Wetland Reserve, where yesterday they were successfully recorded by a visiting Japanese TV film crew. The drying wetland is also supporting a large number of Masked Lapwings, Yellow Spoonbills including an adult with two dependent young, and Australian Spotted Crakes, as well as the usual swamphens, moorhens and duck species.

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This Apoid wasp species was observed digging a vertical tunnel in hard ground. In contrast to the sand wasp that throws the spoil backwards as it digs, this one backs out of the tunnel with a parcel of spoil which it discards with a flick of the feet a few inches away from the tunnel opening. Being very fast moving, the photography was difficult.

Reversing with spoil.

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