An old word,¬† 1530s, “natural character,” from French naturalit√©, for a new nature blog centred on the Wellington Shire in Gippsland. The emphasis will be on photographs, many of invertebrates shown in close up. Equipment used for this type of work comprises Nikon SLR cameras with 100 and 200 mm focal length macro lenses, used either hand held or tripod mounted where practicable. A Nikon speedlight is used to provide adequate illumination for the small lens apertures used, and manual settings with a high shutter speed are also employed to freeze movement. Other natural history subjects will of course be featured, photographed with lenses suitable for the purpose. I hope you will find the posts interesting and informative.

The old road at Bellbird Corner Riverside Reserve, posts will often originate in this local reserve, once grazed and bare, but now revegetated and a thriving riverine and floodplain ecosystem that continues to develop and conserve natural lifeforms.