From the garden, two tiny wasps, both roughly a centimetre long.

An Ichneumon.

A Braconid.

A wandering larva, identity unknown.

An interesting jumping spider, Clynotis severus. This species has a liking for a grey background and is often found on sheoak bark, but on this occasion it was photographed on a weathered treated pine post.

A trip into the box/ironbark bush at Glenmaggie where after good rains Caladenia catenata is flowering in very large numbers. Every now and then one comes across a nice pink form among the white.

Always a delight to find, the first Flying Ducks to appear, click to enlarge.

Spring Colour.

A new project, documenting the plants in a bush block, makes a nice change from harassing invertebrates. Some photos snapped while wandering through the bush.

Waxlip orchid, Glossodia major.

White Caladenia, Caladenia catenata.

Dainty Wasp Orchid, Chiloglottis trapeziformis.

Guinea Flower, Hibbertia obtusifolia.

Nodding Blue Lily, Stypandra glauca.

Love Creeper, Comesperma volubile.

Wonga Vine. Pandorea pandorana.

Part of the trunk of the dead sapling it had strangled.

And a nice Bracket Fungus.