Keeping An Eye On Things.

Blue-banded bees are very busy, in the native garden and tomato patch.

This cuckoo bee, Thyreus caeruleopunctatus gave brief chances for snaps while nectaring.

The wings on this yellow flower wasp were very tattered.

A lone European wasp with a taste for sweetness.

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Jumpers Plus.

A collection of jumping spiders from around the house and garden, starting with the Hoary Servaea, Servaea incana. This was photographed beside a shed door handle, a location where they have been seen year after year.

Next, the Jovial Jumping Spider, Ocrisiona jovialis, although this individual wasn’t at all jovial and insisted on peeping out from its retreat behind a bark flake.

This Holoplatys  was extremely wary, ducking into its narrow crack retreat at the first sign of a human coming around the corner. An approach from the opposite direction tricked it.

This Holoplatys species was tiny, only about three millimetres nose to tail.

A common name for Helpis minitabunda is the Threatening Jumping Spider, it will commonly rear up and defy the photographer.

This Hypoblemum species is often seen on the house walls.

This however was the first record of the White-banded House Jumper, Hypoblemum scutulatum. It was a tiny, fast moving individual  that was hard to catch with the camera.

And for the plus, an impressive wasp that was checking out the red gum trunk.

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