Eyes Plus.

The arrangement of a spider’s eyes can be a valuable identification feature, wolf spiders have eight, arranged in three rows of four, two, and two. One photo can’t show them all, so here are two shots of the big individual still very much at home in the strawberry patch, spending many of the daylight hours sunning itself at the burrow entrance.

Showing the first two rows.

One eye of the third row.

From a big one to a small one, a Holoplatys jumper, pity about the background.

The Hakea laurina is in full flower and producing nectar for birds and insects. This little Boatman Fly, genus Pognortalis has been taking advantage, note the globule of nectar which it is apparently concentrating in a manner similar to some bees.

And on the Omeo Gum a cluster of green lacewing eggs.