Spring Wildflowers #2

The inclement weather hasn’t been ideal for getting out into the bush so here are the final few from the last visit, starting with Wonga Vine, Pandorea pandorana.

A charming creeper, Comesperma volubile, Love Creeper.

Nodding Blue Lily, Stypandra glauca, widespread through the foothills.

Milkmaid, Burchardia umbellata, common in the grassy woodlands.

Button Everlasting, Coronidium scorpioides.

And the Hoary Sunray, Leucochrysum albicans.

Spring Wildflowers #1

The first trip to check out the wildflower scene in the foothill forest, and the first impression was the large number of waxlip orchids, Glossodia major flowering.

A lot of understory growth had also occurred in the twelve months since the last visit, with many shrubs of Pultenaea daphnoides over a metre high thanks to abundant rainfall. Pink Fingers, Caladenia fuscata were also numerous with colours from white to deep pink.

Last season bearded orchids were abundant at this location later in the month, but the only other orchid seen was a Thelymitra ixioides in bud, so the focus shifted to other wildflowers. Guinea flowers are a bright splash of colour in the bush, and two species were photographed, Hibbertia obtusifolia and Hibbertia calycina.

Always nice to see, Pigea monopetala, Slender Violet-bush.

Just one Milkmaid to be seen, Burchardia umbellata.

Nodding Blue Lily, Stypandra glauca is a very familiar plant in these forests.

And back to yellow, one of the Parrot Peas, Dillwynia glaberrima.