Odds and Ends

Photos have still been hard to come by around the place, but here are a few to finish the year. Just on a month ago a tiny St. Andrews Cross spider was spotted in its web at the end of the house, and a macro shot was taken.

A check today showed it had increased in size many times and was now settled higher up on the wall behind a beautiful cross, the best we’ve seen.

A spider hunting wasp, genus Turneromyia was snapped with the phone at the wood heap.

And while sitting outside, a tickle on the arm was revealed on investigation to be another spider hunter, genus Fabriogenia, with prey, a small Clubiona spider. It was eventually persuaded to move to the table where it was snapped.

Jumping spiders are still scarce, but a Clynotis severus was a nice record.

The district has been experiencing very wet conditions, and in response Pacific Herons have been on the wetlands in large numbers. Two found the wet paddock to be a fruitful spot to forage and one was snapped at 200 metres range.

And to conclude, a frontal shot of a most striking male Bronzewing visitor.