A Mixed Bag.

Subjects have been sparse with the colder weather, explaining the lag in posts. However, a few photos have been snapped for a random post starting with one of the Ichneumon wasps that have come in to the moth light.

Also to the light a small weevil, displaying the elbowed and clubbed weevil antennae.

And a green lacewing, predator of scale and aphids.

A check of some low eucalypt foliage showed a female sawfly had been at work.

Leaving invertebrates for a moment, a fairly new addition to the garden, Correa Lime Twist has come into flower with a good show of its delightful bells.

Agapanthus is regarded as a significant environmental weed in Victoria, but nevertheless is a popular garden plant. They also harbour many kinds of garden pests, but in a neighbour’s garden the clumps provide habitat popular with several species of jumping spider, including Jotus frosti. When the temperature is low jumping spiders tend to¬† remain in their retreats, waiting for the warming sun to emerge and hunt, and on such an occasion a check of the agapanthus came up with three Jotus frosti out on the sun-warmed leaves.

In another clump, a cleverly constructed jumping spider retreat was found.

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