A wander around the garden provided the camera with more subjects than have been available for quite some time. The first was a Eucalyptus Longhorn Beetle, Phorocanthus species that was sheltering behind a loose bark flake on a Yellow Gum.

On to a Red Gum with a Plague Soldier Beetle, Chauliognathus lugubris,

And a Bull Ant, Complex Myrmecia pilosula.

On a White Brittle Gum, a wasp, genus Callibracon,

A Pied Lacewing, Porismus strigatus,

And a moth larva, yet to be identified.

With autumn here, leaf-curling spiders are hanging everywhere on the shrubs, normally with an easily curled leaf utilised for a shelter. This one was however much more impressive, imagine the work the spider had to perform to fashion thisĀ  imposing residence.