Odds and Ends.

Just a collection of odd shots taken while wandering around the garden, beginning with a Yellow-banded Dart nectaring on a Dampiera. This blue flowered plant has never been popular for this purpose, but the butterfly and more recently a New Holland Honeyeater have found it acceptable.

On a spent Xerochrysum flower, a wingless grasshopper, Phaulacridium vittata.

And on the Sannantha, a Common Hoverfly, Eristalis tenax.

One of the many varieties of Tachinid fly that haunt the garden.

Robberflies have been scarce this season, a smaller species, genus Cerdistus.

A nicely camouflaged Helpis minitibunda on an Angophora trunk.

A flake of bark had fallen off the Eucalyptus parramattensis, exposing this flattened bark spider, identified on Inat. as Hemicloea rogenhoferi. She was defending her exposed sac in the first shot, and when given a nudge quickly moved to cover it completely.

By The River

A wander by the river produced some interesting sightings, a pair of beautiful Orange Threadtails perching on a clump of Persicaria.



A small Orb Weaver in its daytime retreat.

Showing the diagnostic eye pattern.

Another spider, possibly a leaf curler, in its lair.

A predatory bug, Schellenberg’s Soldier Bug, Oechalia schellenbergii.

And a natural example of abstract art….