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Amegilla cingulata.

Also known as the Blue-banded Bee, this beautiful native bee is a delight to have in the garden, especially if you grow tomatoes as it is an efficient buzz pollinator. It is a solitary bee, the female digs a shallow burrow in clay soil, or mud bricks if your house is so constructed, which she provisions with collected pollen for her offspring. Some native plants, for example the hibbertias, sennas, and solanums require buzz pollination by insects such as the Blue-banded Bee. The adults die with the onset of the cold weather, but the next generation is snug inside the burrows waiting until the seasons change and the cycle begins anew. The photographs were taken at a banksii x bipinattafida grevillea that has been very popular with at least two bees, nectaring and resting.

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Reference and further reading,   The Aussie Bee site.

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