Recent Observations.

In the garden the Corymbia watsoniana has been in flower, and on a warm day a large number of mating flower wasps, subfamily Thynninae, were feeding on the nectar.

These wasps can remain together for a considerable time, and the considerate male ensures that the wingless female is also able to feed.

Another wasp species drawn to the nectar.

A couple of Black-faced Perchers appeared briefly and then disappeared.

Work still continued at the bee hotel,

With visits to the nearby Crowea exalata planted for just such a purpose.

And feeding on Bursaria spinosa, a Punctate Flower Chafer, Neorrhina punctatum.

The hairiness of these beetles is very apparent on enlargement.

Not The Outback but….

The spider genus Backobourkia is recently described, going by the common name of Outback Orb Weavers. Two have been found in the garden, one in 2016, and one this season. The first was nicely marked and had set up home in the Tetratheca thymifolia and is probably Backobourkia heroine.

The second found this year with its very productive web strung between two Xerochrysums is a much paler individual.

Honey bee on the menu.