Bees plus.

With autumn winding down, invertebrate life is also dropping off, but enough images have been captured for at least a couple of posts. Blue-banded Bees were still very active in mid April when these shots were taken at the nectar-rich Grevillea maccutcheonii.

They haven’t been seen for a while now, but with the Hakea laurina flowering, honey bees and a tiny native species, Hylaeus (Prosopisteron) littleri have been hard at work.

The yellow face identifies the above as a male, below is a female with just two lines.

Also at the Hakea laurina, many tiny flies of an unknown species that flickered their wings incessantly. They were only about 5 mm nose to tail

And back to the G. maccutcheonii where larvae of Oenochroma vinaria, the Hakea Wine Moth found the prickly foliage appetising.

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