Drama At The Moth Light.

When mothing, small moths inevitably get trodden underfoot, and the sugar ants are always ready to collect the dead bodies. On this occasion however, a live diving beetle, Eretes australis was seen to be under sustained attack. It flipped around in a vain attempt to escape the ant that was biting off its legs, but was finally unable to further resist. Thanks @InvertoPhiles for the id!

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Antlion Lacewing.

Antlion pits were very numerous this summer, until two brief but violent thunderstorms virtually wiped them out. The adult lacewings are frequent visitors to the moth light and, despite the toll taken by the storms, two came in recently, a small Myrmeleon species that soon departed, and an impressive Heoclisis fundata, aka Hairy Antlion. It fluttered around on the concrete until being carefully transferred to the sheet where it was happy to perch.

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