Late Winter.

With temperatures starting to head north things are beginning to move, self sown paper daisies are flowering, and the Tree Violet, now known as Melicytus dentatus,  is filling the air with sweet perfume from its tiny flowers.

Philothecas are in full bloom too, the Heyfield double P. verrucosa,

And P. myoporoides.

Several garden Wattles are brightening the scene and supplying pollen to native bees.

Lasioglossum subgenus Homalictus.

When the sun shines jumping spiders are leaving their retreats and enjoying the warmth.

Opisthoncus necator, female.

Maratus scutulatus, immature.

Several tiny orb weavers are busy in the Grevillea wilsonii.

Larger ant species are leaving their underground homes to forage in the trees.

Myrmecia urens, the Baby Bull Ant.