Spring #2.

This post continues with observations of the abundance and diversity of invertebrate life, following the previous seasons’ worrying decline. Focusing this time on the native garden, where the Grevillea Burgundy and Hakea purpurea are attracting insects to harvest pollen and nectar. Honey bees in numbers are gathering the Grevillea nectar, while small golden-haired flower wasps prefer the sweetness from the Hakea.

The main native bee observed to date in the garden, female Lasioglossum (Chilalictus) callophylae is working hard, collecting pollen from the Grevillea and the Bulbine Lilies

Stiletto flies, (Therevidae) are perching on the Leptospermum macrocarpum next to the Grevillea. The larvae of these flies are ground dwelling and predatory.

Another interesting fly observed on the grevillea was a False Blowfly, Stomorhina species, (Rhiniidae) The larvae of these are also ground dwelling predators and the adults are obviously pollinators.

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